On our tracks you will be experiencing real racing (not an amusement ride). DO NOT RACE if you are pregnant, have medical issues including neck, back or heart problems, or should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment. In addition to the above, we do not allow customers to race with casts, or braces from a recent injury. If you have any doubt, please check with your doctor before racing.

Flag Meanings

green flag


The green flag means go and is the start of the race.

yellow flag


The yellow flag means caution, slow down and watch for track officials and stopped karts.

red flag


The red flag means that all karts MUST Stop. You are expected to stop when this flag is out, but just in case the track officials will also stop you. Once we clear the area, we will bring out the green.

orange flag

Blue/Orange Stripe

The Blue with Orange Stripe Flag is a warning flag to tell you that someone faster is approaching. Hold your Line. Let them go by and then try to follow them to help get faster.

black flag


The Black Flag is not a pleasant flag. The track officials do not want to use this flag, however if used and directed to you this is because you were being reckless and disobeying the track officials. If you get the black flag then you will be removed from the track.

white flag


The White flag means there is one lap left in the race so if you have not done so already, this is the time to put your best lap together.

checkerd flag


The Checkered Flag is the winner’s favorite flag. This is the end of the race and the winner can start bragging that they are the best.

Remember to listen and obey the Track Officials. They are here for a reason and that is to make sure everyone racing has fun and follows the rules. This promotes a good, safe racing experience.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page.