We are partnering with our friends at Kayak Pittsburgh to give one lucky winner a new DELTA 12.10 touring kayak.

The DELTA 12.10

The Delta 12.10 is an impressively versatile light touring kayak. With plenty of stowage space, it is ideally suited for day trips or long weekends with room to comfortably fit almost any size of paddler. Its extended keel design provides superior tracking, stability and speed rarely found in a kayak of this length. The Delta 12.10 has all the features found on our longer touring sea kayaks, including front and rear hatches and bulkheads for safety and dry storage. It also fea-tures Delta’s multi-position Contour II Seat System, proprietary Press-Lock hatch system and low-profile front day hatch.

Delta’s Press-Lock Day Hatch

The Delta’s Press-Lock Day Hatch is Accessible, low profile and out of the way, it’s perfectly placed to store essentials you may need to easily access during your paddle. The hatch is color matched with a hard-shell cover that provides a secure seal with easy on and off convenience.(Note: Electronics should be stored in a waterproof case or bag)


Delta’s Contour II Seat System

The Delta’s seat system is designed to contour to your body while offering ergonomic support. Provides excellent back support at multi-positions with quick adjustment and optimal comfort in a user-friendly design. You will be allowed to adjust all seat positions on or off the water.


Delta’s Rigid bulkheads
(in cockpit, behind seat)

The Delta’s Rigid Bulkheads Curved to add strength and torsional rigidity, with a built-in accor-dion hinge to allow for give when under stress. The bulkheads Seal the bow and storage com-partment.